Mustard Racing Gloves † Pit Viper

392,00 lei

Made out of soft bovine leather and stitched with Dupont Kevlar® thread.

With an extra leather layer on knuckles, palm and fingers for a little bit more protection.

The velcro strap makes them tight around your wrist not allowing the air inside or letting the glove slip off your hand at any point.

And of course, mustard color, evoking the vintage racing gloves from back when Steve McQueen was still hitting the dirt!

And if you order now, we will also send you a Badass Wax tin can, made out of natural beeswax, so you can protect your gloves from weather conditions and make them water resistant!


Soft bovine leather

Kevlar DuPont Thread

Extra leather layer on knuckles

Extra leather layer on palm

Velcro to fit on wrist

Color: Mustard

Hand-made in Germany, Hamburg by Throttlesnake